The Adventure Starts Here!

We show you nature as it is meant to be.

We don't pack you into oversized boats.

We take you right to where the wildlife lives.

We show you closeups of alligators in their natural habitat!

Serving the Orlando area and the Space Coast for over 20 years!!!

"I have been riding these wetlands for years. See what experience has to offer", Captain Ray

Our Team

We love serving your needs

Jill Kale

Captain Ray

"Hi!! I'm Captain Ray"

I have been doing this for a very long time now, and I not only welcome questions, I love them!! You want to stop for a photo just let me know. You want to know what bird is where and where all the best wildlife to see is, please just ask me!! Please feel free to check us out on Yelp or Facebook or TripAdvisor 

Jill Kale

Captain Tom C.

When you would like to book an amazing fishing experience go with the best. He offers a wide variety of fishing charters, with many different price plans to choose from. You can contact him through our contact page (at the bottom), or you can click the link and be directed right to his website!! Enjoy your trip!!

Jill Kale

Booking Extraordinaire

Hi! I'm Mary

You call, I book!! It's just that simple. It is my pleasure to book your ride, let you know what to bring, and where to go!! Call me directly @ 407-952-4099 or on the office phone @ 321-360-4659. Can't wait to talk to you!! Feel free to call or text, whatever works best for you!!